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Our Leads


Kaden Buzzan

Business President

Kaden is the business president here at Pridetronics. He works to get this club sponsors, swag and plan events at our club. 


Isabella Talmon

Co-Secretary and Treasurer, Drive Lead

 Hi! My name is Isabella Talmon. I am a junior at MPHS and will be the upcoming drive coach and drive lead for this 2024 FRC season. Let's go Pridetronics! 


Parker Juilo Julio (They/Them)

Spirit and safety lead

I'm a comic book enthusiast that just wants everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.


Carder Brice

Engineering President

I'm the engineering president here at Pridetronics. I pride myself on my continuously improving leadership skills and experience with 3D modeling.

Aiden Mckay image

Aiden McKay


Aiden is a senior in high school and was an invitee to Vex IQ Worlds in 2018. Aiden has been constantly curious about robotics for most of his life. An avid learner, he is either on Wikipedia researching random topics or attempting to disassemble things to find out how they work. Aiden has two years of experience working with CAD software and was the CAD lead in the 2023 season. This year, he is focusing on business, where he is Co-Secretary/Treasurer with Isabella Talmon, where he primarily manages the club's finances and tries to find sponsorships.


William Harris

Build lead, Electrical lead and Warehouse manager

Hi, I'm Will I take care of making the robot work and keep the place organized. I'm a one of the drivers this season. I also update this website

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